The Best Eggs in Massachusetts!

Our Chickens & Eggs

Farm fresh eggs in Charlton, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island

Here at JPs Farm, we have five Plymouth Barred Rocks, five Cinnamon Queens and five Easter Eggers. The Queens and Rocks lay large brown eggs, some of which are twice the size of any egg I’ve ever bought in a store. The Easter Eggers lay a green and sometimes blue egg that is always a fun surprise for our son!

1 Dozen Organic, Free Range Eggs - $4

Perfect for baking our apple, peach, and pumpkin pies that we bake from our trees and garden.

The chickens are fed Organic layer pellet from Green Mountain and as a treat the excess vegetable cuttings from our garden. They enjoy their day frolicking in the pasture annoying the dogs, all the while protecting them and us from ticks and spiders!

J.P.s is a family-owned farm based in Charlton, Massachusetts. We specialize in the raising and selling of Miniature Jersey cows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, Connecticut, New England.


87 Saundersdale rd.

Charlton, Ma 01507