Our Cattle

Miniature Jersey Cows

Miniature Jersey cows can be very difficult to find, most farms have a long waiting list and only have calves available. Here at JPs Farm we offer pure bred Miniature Jersey cattle. 

We have carefully selected our heifers and our bulls and only use the highest quality semen to Inseminate with. 

We take great pride in choosing our breeding stock and have spent countless hours researching the purest and best Miniature Jersey Bulls from across the country. We select cows with udders that have excellent conformation and proven longevity. These beautiful animals are incredible feed converters and are perfect for small acreage farms.

If you think a Miniature Jersey cow is right for you, reach out to us now. We have cows in milk, and bred heifers available.

Our Cows

We have one lovely heifer: Hazel and two cows named Bailey and Reba. All three are Miniature Jersey cows that are registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry. They enjoy their days laying in the sun and grazing on lush pastures. Bailey and Reba especially enjoy being mothers to their new heifers Elsie and Autumn.

We feed our cows only organic first cut hay, Organic Alfalfa pellets and an organic dairy pellet for Bailey and Reba, from Green Mountain. We are currently milking Bailey and share her with her calf. She is producing about one and half gallons during our morning milking. She had been hand milked and loved the one on one time with her but for convenience have switched to machine milking her with a great machine from Techtongda!

Flannery's Keepsake Farm Reba 

(Bred 12/24/2019)

Reba is a beautiful fawn Mid-Miniature Jersey. She measures 46" and is 2.5 years old. She is the proud mamma of her first calf, JP Farms Elsie (Sire: Sure Shot Hocus Pocus). She was bred again for next year's season with Sure Shot Bentley (A2/A2). She is A1/A2 and Heterozygous Polled.

Kelly Homestead Apiary Summer Song

(Bred 12/18/2019)

June 18th 2017

Bailey (K.H.A. Summer Song) is a beautiful fawn and black Miniature Jersey. She is recorded at 41" although she may be a little taller. She is the proud mama of our newest heifer JP Farms Autumn (Sire: TDH Dino Smurf). She has been bred again with TDH Fraziers Credentials Rio (A2/A2). She is A1/A2 and Heterozygous polled.

Misty Morning Farm Hazel

(Bred 12/26/2019)

Hazel is also stunning fawn and black Miniature Jersey. She is recorded at 38" and is truly a "mini" Jersey! She is very playful and surprisingly quick. She has also been bred with TDH Fraziers Credentials Rio (A2/A2). She is A2/A2 and Heterozygous polled. 

Please contact us and inquire about our currently available calves or be put on a list for our future ones. Ready to milk now? Occasionally we have pregnant cows for sale, or we can help you find one.


The youngest members of our farm, well besides our baby boy Liam, are our two heifers, Autumn and Elsie. Elsie is six months old, is haltered trained and is one of the friendliest members of our farm. Autumn usually gets covered in hay from eating underneath the girls since she is so young and still so short. 

JP Farms Autumn

Septemebr 14th, 2019

Autumn is the sweetest and cutest little calf we've ever had here on the farm. She is fawn with her beautiful white patch on her forehead. Her beta-casein and horned statues are still pending with UC Davis. 

JP Farms Elsie 

July 11th, 2019

Elsie is a gorgeous fawn and white heifer. We anticipate her growing up to be right around 42" tall, which would be right in between her Sire and Dams height. 


Why Buy a Miniature Jersey?

Miniature Jerseys are a great addition to any homestead. A full sized dairy cow can produce up to eight gallons of milk a day, whereas a Miniature Jersey produces one to two gallons a day.

A Miniature Jersey is up to 42” tall and is much easier to handle, much easier on your pasture, and produce a more manageable amount of milk. Here at JP’s farm we maintain a healthy closed herd, that is negative for BLV, BVD and Johne’s. 

J.P.s is a family-owned farm based in Charlton, Massachusetts. We specialize in the raising and selling of Miniature Jersey cows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, Connecticut, New England.


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