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Frozen Again.....

Another cold week on the farm here in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I suppose it could be worse if we lived in the mid-west but anytime the temperature sits close to zero, it is too cold for me. We learned A valuable lesson this week when it comes to caring for our chickens and collecting our eggs. They will freeze and split if you don't manage them right away. This week we lost a couple of dozen eggs by missing the laying in the morning when we fed and cleaned, and trying to collect them in the afternoon. The eggs had split, and the frigid temperatures ruined them, not even a dedicated brooding hen was warm enough to keep this eggs from freezing!

This week was a great week for our cows and especially for our cow Luna who is in milk right now. We had been hand milking her, and between the time and effort, it was taking decided to machine milk her. Well let me tell you, this is much easier and much more efficient. We are sharing her with her calf Titan but still are managing to get about a gallon and a half of rich, creamy milk during our morning milking.

Check back in next week to see what's happening here on JP's Farm!


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