• The Farm

I'll huff and Ill puff.....

We narrowly avoided our first loss on the farm!

This week one of our chickens was attacked, but besides some rustled feathers and a small cut, she is doing just fine. We have been lucky here at JP's Farm as far as any wondering, dangerous predators coming onto our property. We are fortunate to have two beautiful Belgian Malinois that help protect the animals. They are both super laid back and love playing with all the other animals on the farm.

The cows this week are still doing great. Bailey has not come into heat for the second time since we inseminated which is a firm indication that she is pregnant. Also, we inseminated Bella and will be eagerly waiting for the first week in February when she is supposed to come into heat. Check in with us next week and share in our wonderful life here on the farm.


J.P.s is a family-owned farm based in Charlton, Massachusetts. We specialize in the raising and selling of Miniature Jersey cows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, Connecticut, New England.


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