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A Magical Week On The Farm

Updated: Jan 24, 2019


It has been a magical week here at the farm!

We waited all through the holidays got Luna to give birth and this week the miracle occurred. She gave birth sometime in the early morning on January 4th. Cows are very intelligent and will learn your routine, as they are very routines as well, and she likely didn’t want us to share in this experience with her.

Ashley and I awoke in the morning and started our routine at 5 am and found a little beautiful bull in the stall with Luna.

He is all black and very small, probably only weighing about 50-75 pounds. He stood up and was nursing as we snapped videos and pictures to share, so all seems well.

The only thing Ashley and I had to do was dip his umbilical cord with iodine and stay out of Luna’s way!

Next step is figuring out what to name this little guy.

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