• The Farm

Spring is here!

Finally the nice weather is upon us. We finished the winter off by adding four Nigerian Dwarf Goats to our farm and have already started making our very own raw goats milk soap. We also added two Alpaca and have various products available using their fleece. Our latest and possibly greatest addition is our ranch horse Moonshine, He is a 15 hands Palomino Quarter Horse. He loves to be out on the trails or running around in the pasture with his best friends, the cows.

We started our spring planting off by planting 19 fruit trees. We will have many varieties of Apple, Peaches, Plums, Cherries, Pears, and Nectarines. Also we have started our vegetable gardens and will keep everyone updated as our beautiful organic plants continue to grow!


J.P.s is a family-owned farm based in Charlton, Massachusetts. We specialize in the raising and selling of Miniature Jersey cows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, Connecticut, New England.


87 Saundersdale rd.

Charlton, Ma 01507