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Where Did The Sun Go?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Ice Ice Ice

Where Did The Sun Go?

This week on the farm we are shoveling snow from our pathways to our stalls and braking ice from our heated troughs. Even though we have de-icers in each of our water troughs, the below zero temperatures were too much for them. We are fortunate here at JPs Farm that below zero weather here is very rare, average temperatures are more in the 20’s which we will gladly accept!

Our Miniature Jerseys have long coats and don’t mind the bitter cold. We kept Luna and her baby Titan, in a stall, overnight just to make sure Titan didn’t get caught in the wind or some overnight precipitation. Although I’m pretty sure we were more concerned about the cold than they were.

Our chickens are happy and healthy in the cold as well. We keep good airflow in the coup, protecting against a build up of ammonia and we also left a light bulb on for them in one corner in case they needed a little warming up. They also have a heater for their water preventing it from freezing up. Again the only ones that seem to be affected by the cold is us! Well and the dogs, they don’t seem to want to go out either!

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